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Your parents may be over sixty, but you’ve got to admit, they’re still incredibly lively and active!

But say you live a distance away, or just have a really hectic lifestyle. How do you know if there’s a problem, or that they are not feeling well? You haven’t got the time to ring them every five minutes (Mum and Dad wouldn’t want that anyway) and you certainly wouldn’t want them phoning you all the time either. How can they reassure you that they are OK and that there’s no need to worry?

The good news is that, now thanks to the unique new ALLSWELL personal well-being messenger, they can enjoy peace of mind at the touch of a button.

The ALLSWELL is so simple it’s ingenious. It’s just a small electronic box that your parents plug in and set to alert them at a certain time of the day. A bit like a clock radio. They then touch a large button…
...and nothing happens! That’s because the ALLSWELL only alerts you when they don’t touch the button - by a text message to your mobile phone. The ALLSWELL personal well-being messenger can alert just one person, or any number of people.

In fact the only pressing thing mum or dad need to do each day is touch a button!

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